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Integrated payments designed for leading online platforms. Built for instant onboarding and payments processing without friction or fraud.

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Payments for Platforms

Our focus on platform customers means that over 1,000 partners, like Constant Contact, GoFundMe, and Meetup
can incorporate payments without fraud risk, regulatory exposure or additional barriers to customers and users.



Integrated payments mean increased revenue for platform businesses. The better you integrate the better your result. If you do payments right you drive additional revenue beyond the basic incremental payments revenue because you also grow your merchant base, user base and transaction volume beyond what they would have been.

Integrated Payments

Integrated Payments

WePay uniquely provides payments solutions designed for platforms that help embed more revenue and reduce friction and fraud. Find out more.

Fraud and Risk

Fraud and Risk

When WePay says without fraud we mean our guarantee to indemnify customers against fraud. We couldn’t make that guarantee if we didn’t have leading machine learning technology backed by human experts that not only detects and blocks fraud but also allows transactions to proceed that appear fraudulent but are not, thus minimizing lost revenue from rejected transactions.

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